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your dog’s behavior has changed. When you leave him, he becomes more sensitive, his pulse speeds up, drools more than usual, barks or destroys your furniture? He may have anxiety. We must treat it and understand where it comes from.


why do dogs have stress? How do dogs cope with stress? Has your dog been anxious, or is this a new element in his life? We must find out the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Stress invades your dog’s consciousness for various reasons. From the most useless to the most profound. It may be synonymous with traumatic past or dangerous events. Stress is a disease of your dog. Stress can make dogs react differently to common events. Why does

dog have stress? Kdsps has several stressors for your dog. They all lead to psychological and physical changes. Your dog will feel vulnerable and may be attacked. It is dangerous anyway. However, your dog is not necessarily anxious. In his life, he may experience stress several times instead of treating anxiety as a pure disease.

the latter is the sum of several pressures, all of which are caused by your dog’s more or less past. His education may be questioned. How to treat him, how to punish him. His daily life needs to be re examined. Generally speaking, the stressor is

, and daily changes in the family will lead to chaos in the dog’s daily life. He doesn’t understand. He starts to worry. Changes in daily life may also be related to diet. Fear of separation. Your dog won’t handle your absence and alienation. Bit by bit lost its direction, some unusual sounds, such as firecrackers, thunderstorms and gunshots. Education with a low degree of socialization. Once your dog grows up, when you see the world, your dog may experience moments of panic. Insecurity. Childhood related trauma. Genetics also has an impact. Dog stress performance

stress causes a variety of reactions in your dog. Both physical and psychological must be taken seriously. This list is not exhaustive. Just like humans, every dog has its own way to express anxiety:

receives woopets’ suggestions through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and transaction offers. Learn more about your dog’s lack of hygiene or destructive behavior. He ruined your sofa, ate your socks, made holes in the wall… Your dog shows hyperactivity. He felt surreal about everything around him. When you are away, he also tends to take 100 steps. He often barks. Too much saliva is also a sign. Your dog’s heart beats significantly faster. His breathing rate is getting higher and higher. He is prone to diarrhea or vomiting. He always asks your attention. His internal clock is broken. He may suffer from insomnia, overeating or anorexia. Her pupils often dilate.

noted that these symptoms are not specific manifestations of dog anxiety syndrome, they may be synonymous with other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your veterinarian to correctly determine the origin of these diseases. How does

deal with stress?

like many times, your dog needs stabilityIn daily life. So you have to get the order back. For example, you can ask her to do more physical exercise or take her for a walk. You must take care of your dog to reduce stress.

however, you must take your dog to the veterinarian. The latter can best determine the root cause of your dog’s anxiety. If your dog is healthy, it will be more suspicious of a behavior problem.

your dog may be abandoned. In this case, you must let him know that you are not here, which is normal. To do this, leave your home with nature and ignore him when he celebrates for you. You must also avoid all the factors that usually put pressure on the dog (take the key, put your coat in front of the dog…). He will gradually realize that your absence is normal and he can use you at the right time.

veterinarians can take you to a behavioral expert. You’ll get a lot of practice. Reward is one way, just like educating your dog. You can also try desensitizing your dog. Like humans, it’s a problem for your dog to face what he’s afraid of. This enables your dog to adapt and overcome this fear. Don’t hesitate to reward him and do it gradually, not suddenly, so as not to aggravate his anxiety.

appeases him. The

has different natural solutions to appease your dog. You can give him some Bach flowers and drop a few drops in his food to calm him down. Massage with this oil will also produce good results.

you can also install a specially prepared petscool essential oil diffuser to reduce the pet’s response to stress. In order for these products to work, just your loyal partner to breathe their solution.

finally, if necessary, there are some drugs that can help your dog feel better, less anxious and easier to obtain. Generally speaking, medication is related to behavioral work and should not be separated. In this case, only your veterinarian can decide what is suitable for him / her.

in short,

your dog will not be anxious because of accidents. His stress is manifested in the sudden changes in life, daily life and habits. It also comes from unusual noise and is afraid of being abandoned. Activities are diverse. All this must be done in consultation with your veterinarian, who will accompany you to complete the appropriate treatment of your dog.

under no circumstances should the situation remain the same. The older your dog is, the harder it is to cure its anxiety. Once you find the problem, you must solve it. It concerns everyone’s well-being. “

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