Model gives up career to devote her life to rescuing stray animals

While a successful modeling career was looming for him and he was enrolled in university, Gökçer Korkmaz preferred to give up everything to found a refuge and help stray animals.

Gökçer Korkmaz was 22 when he decided to change his life. The trigger was the meeting of a pack of stray dogs trying to find food in a landfill, during a family trip to his country, Turkey.

The young man was then a student and led, in parallel, a career in modeling. He was so marked by the suffering and distress of street canines that he made the decision to devote his life to animals, as Demotivator recounts.

500 animals torn from the streets and distress thanks to Gökçer Korkmaz and his refuge

Gökçer Korkmaz , who lives in Kirklareli in northwestern Turkey, near the Bulgarian border, has dropped out of school and the world of fashion. He sold all his property and acquired land on which he built an animal refuge.

Its reception structure offers today, 12 years after its creation, hospitality to more than half a thousand animals; dogs, cats, but also representatives of other species.

Also sensitive to environmental issues, he built his refuge using reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

Gökçer Korkmaz and the volunteers who help him house, care for, feed and protect the animals, relying mainly on the former model’s savings and donations.

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The man and his charitable activity are very followed on social networks, in particular on Facebook and on Instagram , where he has a total of 52,000 subscribers.


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