Study reveals dogs’ ability to recognize intentional or unintentional actions by their humans

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No need to try to fool his dog, he will quickly notice it and show it clearly. This is what reveals a study whose conclusions have just been posted online. About fifty canines were subjected to a simple test.

In at least some circumstances, dogs seem to know when human actions towards them are intentional and not. This is one of the main lessons of a recently unveiled study, MPR News reported Wednesday 1 September.

Scientific Reports

Depending on the situation, the person pretended to try to pass the treat through the opening, but dropped it awkwardly, or the opening was closed and the experimenter pretended to try in vain to give the food to the dog. . In the third case, she didn’t try to offer him the treat at all, but put it on the floor, near her chair. In all 3 scenarios, the quadruped could still recover the treat, quite simply by going around the partition.

Scientific Reports

The researchers studied the time it took for dogs to do this and analyzed their reaction according to their attitude towards them. In other words, if the experimenter voluntarily or involuntarily deprived them of delicacies.

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Dogs more hesitant when deliberately withholding the treat

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