These 18 animals choose the most unusual places to sleep

Our pets would elect any place to sleep as soon as they are sleepy. As can be seen in these photos.

Sleeping is undoubtedly the favorite activity of all living things. By way of dogs, cats, but also their owners. With the only difference that the former do not mind comfort, really not.

Here are 18 photos of pets sleeping anywhere.

1. This hamster seems to have fallen asleep in the middle of a spin on his wheel.

2. Sleeping on your owner’s head is the best way to always be present in his mind.

3. This puppy fell asleep while his owner was talking to him and getting to know him.

4. Rodents try all the accessories that are in their cage

5. 2 brother kittens that make a pair

6. The vineyard has never been better taken in hand

7. A small pet of this size has every right to fall asleep in the palm of its owner’s hand.

8. A puppy spends his time eating and sleeping, or both at the same time

9. These 2 puppies take turns sharing the wok

10. In this case, we will not find pencils, but a kitten

11. The sleeve of the owner’s sweater keeps him warm

12. His family couldn’t stop laughing when they saw him curled up in that shoe.

13. This cat likes to sleep next to plants

14. This is a sleeping rabbit with its head upside down in the hands of its owner.

15. He finds that the pot is his size

16. Difficult to beat cats’ ability to adapt

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17. This trip to the lake did not succeed in making him forget his desire for sleep

18. A new use of the buoy


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