Bitch discovers and saves dying magpie fallen from nest by becoming surrogate mother

A bitch by the name of Peggy immediately fell in love with a magpie that had fallen from its nest and abandoned by its parents. After his adoption from the bird, the 2 animals became inseparable.

It is a beautiful friendship that has been born between a bitch and a magpie since their meeting, while the bird , still very young, seemed doomed , as Demotivator tells it.

Encounter which took place as Juliette Wells , 45, was walking Peggy , a one year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier , near their home in Coomera , Australia.

The dog and her mistress had discovered a very small magpie in great pain . The young bird was on the ground , at the foot of a tree. On this one, Juliette had spotted a nest . It was clear that the young bird had just fallen from it . Probably judging him too weak, his parents had doubtless left him on his own .

The Australian and her 4-legged friend disagreed. They took her home and took care of her . Juliette called her Molly .

Within a week, and when her chances of survival seemed slim at first, the magpie metamorphosed . Thanks to constant attention and a suitable diet (living worms in this case), Molly regained her strength and was no longer in danger .

Peggy was very caring and affectionate towards him. She and the magpie have become more than friends . Their relationship was more like a mother and daughter experience . Juliette reports, in fact, that the bitch had had a “phantom pregnancy” caused by Mollie’s presence and that she had started producing milk . So her owner had to have her checked out by the vet .


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