An ex-security guard loses her dog after an injury and fights for 4 years to recover her Malinois from the canine brigade

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Justice finally gave him victory and returned his dog. After a 4-year fight in the courts, Ghyslaine found his Malinois Emie. Wounded and unable to continue her activity as a security guard, she had temporarily entrusted him to the canine brigade and had not heard from him since.”

The misadventure of Ghyslaine and her dog Emie ended last week. The epilogue of a dispute that lasted 4 years. So many years during which they were deprived of each other, as reported by L’Est Républicain this Friday, March 19.”

In 2014, this 64-year-old Nancéienne had obtained her diploma as a canine agent and, 2 years later, she was employed by different companies in the capital of Meurthe-et-Mosellan. She was supported by Emie, a female Belgian Malinois Shepherd born in 2013 in a Franche-Comté breeding.”

Everything changed when a Shepherd of Brie, accompanied by his master, attacked his dog while they were in a park in Laxou (54). While trying to react, Ghyslaine fractured her tibial plateau, which prevented her from returning to her profession.”

She then looked for a solution for Emie; she wanted to entrust her on a temporary basis, the time for her to recover from her injury. After turning to the Association des Malinois de France and a foundation, she turned to the Canine Brigade of Paris, which integrated the dog. A few months later, she had the unpleasant surprise of receiving a declaration of change of ownership to sign in blank. Something she categorically refused to do.”

Ghyslaine had no more news of Emie. She didn’t know where she was or what state of health she was in. She initiated proceedings in the hope of recovering her, but a first court decision, issued in 2018, was unfavourable to her; the court considered that the belonged to the canine agent of the said brigade, to whom it had been attributed.

However, his mistress had mentioned in the email exchanges that she only wanted to entrust Emie temporarily and that she intended to take her back.”

” The first court decision overturned, Ghyslaine could get her dog

back. Recently, the Versailles Court of Appeal decided to overturn the 2018 decision, based on the emails and the fact that no certificate of assignment had been produced.”

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So, last Saturday (March 13), Ghyslaine was able to see and recover Emie, who however did not seem to be in great shape. It is, in fact, a dog with a tail between her legs, trembling and suffering from arthritis – according to the words of the Parisian canine agent – that the resident of Nancy found. However, the Malinois female instantly recognized her and welcomed her happily. She even raised her tail when they left together.”

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