A cat saves the life of his master, stranded for 3 days on the ground after an illness

Victim of discomfort for several days, a 60-year-old from Strasbourg was able to be taken care of by the SAMU thanks to the meowing of his kitten, which had challenged the neighborhood. Warned, the police intervened in the apartment and discovered the man on the ground, unable to get up. His pet saved his life.

In Strasbourg (67), a young cat was qualified as a heroine after having allowed, by her distress meowing, the rescue of her master, France Bleu reported on Wednesday August 18.

The police intervention and the discovery of the 67-year-old man had taken place the day before. Neighbors of the latter had heard the incessant meows of the feline, which wandered in the veranda of the home of its owner. Intrigued by these cries and understanding that something unusual was happening, they dialed 17 to warn the police. Details provided on Twitter by the National Police 67 .

The man had collapsed 3 days earlier without being able to get up

Police officers appeared in front of the apartment in question. They managed to get in through a window that was open, finding the 60-year-old on the floor. He was conscious, but his words somewhat confused. And for good reason ! The master of the brave kitten had fallen victim to discomfort 3 days earlier. He had collapsed and hadn’t been able to get up since.

The police informed the SAMU and the latter took charge of the man, who was therefore now out of danger.

The Strasbourg SPA takes care of the pussy

As for her cat, her savior, she was entrusted to the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in Strasbourg . This was indicated by the National Police of Bas-Rhin in another tweet, accompanied by a photo of the animal transmitted by the Bas-Rhin refuge.

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