Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Other names: Carpatin, Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

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A large dog, always used for the protection of herds and the home of its master, the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is characterized by exceptional courage, calm and loyalty.



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Hair type Half-long
Origin Romania
Template Big
Head shape Long
Weight and size
Sex Weight Cut
Female From 30 kg to 45 kg From 59 cm to 67 cm
Male From 30 kg to 45 kg From 65 cm to 73 cm
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History of the breed

A breed with very ancient origins, the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog appeared, as its name suggests, in the Romanian mountainous regions of the Carpathians . For centuries, shepherds have selected the most suitable subjects for the work of protection and herding of the herds among the local dogs. This made it possible to obtain the current qualities of the breed.

The first standard of the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog was published by the National Institute of Zootechnics in 1934. It is on this basis that the Romanian Cynological Association developed several later versions, notably in 1982, 1999 and 2001.

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Physical features

His hair : mid-long, dense and abundant, shorter and flat on the head and the front sides of the limbs, longer around the neck, on the back of the limbs and the tail. The coarse, straight topcoat is combined with a soft undercoat.
Its color : charcoal sand, with or without white markings.
His head : lupoid, strong. The forehead is broad and moderately domed, the frontal furrow long and well marked, the moderate stop, the broad and black nose.
His ears : triangular in shape, medium in size, at the rounded end and contiguous to the cheeks.
His eyes : dark brown in color and almond shaped.
His body : harmoniously built, writable in a rectangle. The neck is muscular and powerful, the back straight and firm, the rump muscular, broad and presenting a slight inclination, the chest wide.
Its tail : set high, carried low and straight (or slightly saber-shaped) at rest, raised without being lying down or curled up when the dog is active. Covered with abundant hair.

Behavior and character

Barks / howls

Behavior with others

Cohabitation with children
Sociable with other animals
Love strangers

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog has a strong herding dog instinct and a naturally protective attitude . He expresses this latter both towards his master, his animals and his home. Courageous , the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is also distinguished by its dignified posture, as well as its calm and balanced temperament . Shepherd dog for centuries, he is also an outstanding guardian and a loyal and devoted family companion . However, he is not particularly inclined to play and is not likely to show his affection excessively, even if his attachment to his master is infallible.

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog
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The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog can have a strong character, hence the need to give it a firm education early enough . Firmness does not mean brutality, however. Learning must be balanced and fair. The goal is to establish his status as master in the mind of the dog, while remaining consistent, benevolent and respectful towards him . It is also important to ensure the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog quality socialization from an early age . He must be able to meet as many congeners, humans, cats and other animals as possible, because he is characterized by a natural distrust of individuals he does not know.

Living conditions

Suitable for apartment living
Good for new masters
Love it hot
Love the cold

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog needs space, freedom and to express his instinct of guard. Reasons why it is not advisable to adopt one if you live in an apartment. A house with a large fenced garden would be the ideal living environment for this imposing and active dog.


Ease of gaining weight

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog has a solid health , resistant to difficult climatic conditions thanks to its double and dense coat. Like any large dog, they are not completely immune to hip dysplasia. For the rest, he does not have much to fear on the health side, if his owner gives him care and attention: veterinary follow-up, suitable and quality food …

Hypoallergenic breed


Litter size

Between 5 and 10 puppies

Major concerns
Hip dysplasia
Gastric torsion
Suggested tests

To protect you from these risks and insure your companion in the event of health problems, Woopets recommends a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog dog insurance .

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Life expectancy

Minimum: 12 years old

Maximum: 14 years

The life expectancy of a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is, on average, between 12 years and 14 years.

Calculate the human age of your Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog!

To choose… 1 year 2 years 3 years Four years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years 11 years old 12 years 13 years 14 years old 15 years old 16 years old 17 years 18 years old 19 years old 20 years 21 years old

Maintenance and hygiene

Ease of maintenance
Cost of maintenance
Hair loss
Drool level
Ease of grooming

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog requires regular maintenance .

The brushing of the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog should be done at least once a week . During the 2 annual moults, it is recommended to brush the dog more frequently to help it get rid of its dead hair.

Its hair, ears, eyes and pads should be examined after each outing in the wild to detect and remove any debris or external parasites. His teeth need to be brushed frequently to remove tartar build-up and the proliferation of bacteria. Finally, if they do not wear out naturally, its claws need to be cut. If you are new to this, it is recommended that you seek advice from a veterinarian or groomer.

Price and budget

Purchase price


The purchase price of a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is between NC and NC.

Annual maintenance cost

€ 600
800 €

The annual maintenance cost of a Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is between € 600 and € 800.

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Due to its large size and its activity, the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog obviously needs substantial amounts of food, but it is above all the quality of the food that must be ensured. This is to guarantee him sufficient nutrients (proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.) to preserve his health and well-being. Premium kibbles are therefore suitable for this dog.

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Physical activity

Energy level
Potential to play

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog cannot be satisfied with short walks. He needs long daily outings during which he can run, play, stimulate his senses and meet people in good conditions.


Classifications & Standards
(FCI) Fédération Cynologique Internationale
(UKC) United Kennel Club


Master character <span class="btnTooltip qTip2" title="- Calm: the master must be gentle and know how to show patience.
– Active: the owner must be energetic and dynamic to live in harmony with his dog.
– Hyperactive: the owner must be stimulating and very restless to suit the temperament of his dog.”>

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FCI Information



FCI Group

Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Recognized by FCI

Since 2015


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