Called upon by the cries of a panicked owner, a paramedic rappelled down 20 meters to try to save his dog!

A dog had a big fall, but he miraculously survived. Luckily, a professional lifeguard was nearby. This man’s intervention was as quick as it was effective.

In his mishap, Stout the dog was very lucky . First because he escaped unscathed from a fall of several meters , but also because a person who has all the skills to come to his aid was in the area at the time of the accident, such as the reports the New York Post .

Last Thursday (November 12, 2020), the chocolate Labrador-Retriever accompanied his masters around the Pennybacker Bridge , located in Austin, Texas. The quadruped then fell along the rock face .

His masters did not know if he had survived . They could not intervene themselves because of the dangerous terrain. They then called for help, but in the meantime they received more than welcome help.

Bob Luddy , who works as an ambulance driver , was a few yards away. He was training in rock climbing and abseiling , when he heard the cries of Stout’s masters. They then explained the situation to him.

The man then secured himself to a tree and went down to the location that the owners of the canine had just designated him. He did not expect to find the animal alive after such a tumble, but he was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite when he arrived about twenty meters below. The quadruped was safe and sound. Bob Luddy thinks that the vegetation has slowed down his fall .

Either way, he was able to retrieve it , reassemble it and return it to his family . In the process, Stout was examined by a veterinarian .

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