Passenger rescues dog live on TV on sea foam beach in Australia

While a team of journalists filmed a beach completely invaded by foam, a family found and saved their dog who got lost there. The animal is safe and sound. Several people had participated in the research.

Australia is currently facing difficult weather conditions. Cyclonic phenomena hit many parts of the country, accompanied by torrential rains and strong winds . The states of New South Wales and Queensland are severely affected.

Coastal areas are eroded and entire beaches devastated . Byron Bay , one of the Gold Coast’s top beach destinations, has been largely swallowed up .

Some coastal areas are invaded by meerschaum , as has been the case in eastern Australia. It is precisely there that a female dog was found and rescued by a miracle, as reported by the Independent newspaper.

The canine in question, answering to the name of Hazel , had lost itself in the middle of the dense and high foam which accumulated on the beach.

Her owners started looking for her everywhere, as did people who were at the scene at the time. A team of television journalists was also present at this location and it was the latter who filmed the scene of the rescue.

Everyone was shouting the bitch’s name and scanning the area in hopes of locating her. A boy eventually found it and immediately handed it to his mistress . Relieved, the latter took her in her arms and brought her home, safe and dry.

Here is the video where we see Hazel being rescued:

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