18 animal portraits worthy of being in a museum

These animal portraits have a rendering so artistic that you would think you were dealing with paintings by masters. Scenes where canines and felines improvise themselves into real subjects of works of art.

From Impressionism to Fauvism, via abstract art or expressionism, the styles characterizing the photos of dogs and cats below are reminiscent of real canvases.

Who says our dogs and cats don’t like art? They are certainly the actors, in any case. These 18 photos, which greatly deserve a place in the museum, are there to prove it. If they were master paintings, these are the titles they could have had:

1. The Battle of the Titans (and their meows)

2. The Revelation

3. Meeting at the corner of a street

4. Morning fog and canine smile

5. The Cat and the Crib

6. Break on a country road

7. The Object of Desire

8. Feline levitation

9. In the shadow of the toilet

10. The Awakening

11. Brother of another mother

12. Motherly love

13. The Creation of Minet

14. Family portrait (or almost)

15. The Feline Prophecy

16. Swimming the Border Collie

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17. Canine gazes behind a dirty bay window

18. Waiting for a husband gone to war


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