Man hears moans in his garden, he ends up uprooting two buried dogs

No one knows how 2 dogs ended up underground, or for that matter if they had a family. Eventually, however, they were located and rescued.

While working in an orchard in Fallbrook , California, a man heard noises he couldn’t define or locate. They sounded like the muffled moans of dogs , but he couldn’t see any around him. A few days later, the phenomenon having continued, he decided to look for the origin of the voices. This is how he was able to realize that they emanated from under the ground on which he was standing.

The man therefore began to dig until he came across a metal drain pipe. As he pierced it, he saw a pair of eyes, those of a dog .

He immediately called the local animal service , San Diego County . The team dispatched to the scene succeeded in enlarging the hole and removing 2 dogs, Labrador Retrievers : a 2-year-old female and a 5-year-old male.

The 2 dogs were dehydrated and hungry. The male was too weak to stand on his feet,Daniel DeSousa , director of the San Diego animal service, told The Dodo . According to their estimates, the quadrupeds had been trapped there for at least 3 days . Miraculously, they were not injured .

Daniel DeSousa believes that one of the dogs ended up in the underground pipe chasing something, probably a small animal, before the second followed him.

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The Labradors were taken care of in the county shelter. They have been dewormed , treated against external parasites and are slowly recovering from their mishap. It will then be a question of getting them adopted , since they did not carry an identification chip . The ideal will be that they are adopted by one and the same family, because they seem to be very close to each other.


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