Abandoned in the back of a fast food restaurant, this dog is transformed thanks to the love of the volunteers who saved him!

Abandoned alongside her dead brother, a sick young dog was discovered just in time to save her and give her a new start in life. An association based in Sacramento immediately took charge.

What a sad start to life for Poptart , who however had the chance to be discovered and saved after his abandonment .

This puppy was only 2.5 months old when he was discovered by chance by patrons of a restaurant owned by a famous fast food chain , as The Dodo recounted . One morning, when the temperature was freezing , a couple came to this establishment in Sacramento , California, for breakfast.

He then saw, behind the building, a dog transport crate inside which there seemed to be movement. 2 Chihuahuas puppies were there, a female and a male . Alas, the latter was deceased . He probably could n’t stand the cold , especially since, like his sister, he had lost all of his hair . The young quadrupeds were, in fact, affected by scabies .

The dog, which weighed that one and a half kilograms, was taken by the couple to the shelter of the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). The association immediately launched the care , then entrusted the animal, called Poptart , to a foster family in which its treatments continued.

Poptart radiated everyone with his good humor and friendly character. She trusted humans despite the tragedy she had experienced.

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The little dog’s health improved and her hair began to grow back . Once healed, she could be offered for adoption .


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