Led by his flair, a German Shorthaired Pointer finds and saves a puppy lost for a week in freezing cold

Banjo can be proud of what he has accomplished. Thanks to the flair of this brave dog, his fellow creature, disappeared for days, was able to find his family and his house, very warm, while he wandered in the freezing cold.

A Golden Retriever by the name of Louie had not been found for several days . His mistress Julia had lost sight of him while he was playing in a dog park in Saskatoon in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The quadruped had moved away and, in the meantime, a blizzard had descended on the area, making the search even more difficult, reports The Dodo .

Concerned for her 4-legged companion, Julia however learned the good news last week, while she was just looking for him in the area. We had just found Louie .

The author of the discovery is another dog, a German Wirehaired Pointer of 9 month called Banjo. He accompanied his owner, Kerry , as the latter went skiing. The man had noticed that Banjo had launched himself on a track.

The animal has a habit of adopting a particular posture when it sniffs fresh tracks , and it displayed it at that time. Kerry has followed towards the bushes, behind which a terrified dog and refrigerated appeared. It was Louie .

The Golden Retriever had let Banjo approach him, but not his master. The latter then called the local animal control service , which immediately made the connection with the disappearance of Julia’s dog, since the latter had informed him.

Kerry was able to get Louie’s landlady on the phone and put the speakerphone on . Recognizing the voice of his mistress, the dog finally came out of his hiding place . Banjo and his master stayed by his side until Julia arrived half an hour later, for an emotional reunion .

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Kerry could only understand the feeling Louie’s mom was feeling at the time, for he himself had been deprived of Banjo for some time; it had been stolen from him last August.


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