Should we bathe the dog?

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, when the dog smells bad or dirty, bathing it will soon become the daily task of some owners. However, cleaning should be controlled so as not to be harmful to your partner’s health.

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why wash your dog without skin problems? Which shampoo do you choose according to your dog? How often do you wash your dog? What other skin and peeling care suggestions do you have? What if washing my dog is complicated? If there is no skin problem, why wash the dog?

when your animal comes out, it may be soiled by dust, soil or other plant residues. Parasites or bacteria can also enter your dog and damage its health. In addition, certain environments, such as beaches or swimming in stagnant water, may cause irritation. Therefore, good cleaning is very important to your partner’s health. It will find a pleasant smell and avoid any itching! Which shampoo does

choose according to your dog? “Kdsp” like humans, dogs have several skin types, depending on breed or individual. Therefore, depending on your dog’s skin type (dry, greasy, irritating, infected or just dirty), you need to adjust your shampoo. You can also use shampoo based on length (RAS, medium, long), type (smooth or curly), color or hair quality. However, you must check whether it is suitable for your animal skin. Dogs have more basic skin than humans, so it is strongly recommended not to use human shampoo that will stimulate your partner.

douxo S3 series is based on ophytrium and provides different high-quality products according to your animals:

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if your dog has long hair, you can wash it at most once a month. If he is a member of the short hair team, it happens every 2-3 months. These washing frequencies must be observed because excessive washing frequencies may damage the sebum layer that protects animal skin from attack. Skin problems may occur.

depending on your lifestyle, more or less dirty walking, swimming in water or swimming at sea, you can wash your dog with clean water to remove all impurities and prevent itching.

What other skin and peeling care suggestions do you have?

if your dog has long or medium hair, brush it once a week or every day according to the nature of the hair. This can remove not only knots, but also dead skin. To give your dog the best hair brush, you can use a brush, card, stirrup or gloves, usually a metal pickup. The length of these woodpeckers may vary depending on their use (simply unraveling or removing the bottom hair).

to ensure that your animal hygiene is respected and further developed, It is recommended to use a suitable lotion (such as douxo S3 care ear lotion) to clean the ears. You can also wash the dog’s eyes to remove impurities. Physiological serum or detergent

what if my dog washes very complicated? The

bath must be a time for relaxation and collusion between the dog and its owner. If cleaning is an impossible task for you, your dog will struggle, and you will put more water on you instead of your dog, there are other options besides bathing, such as non flushing spray and foam, or wiping clean wet towels. Similarly, you can find many effective products in the douxo S3 series.

to help you find these products, you can find a computer graphic below to summarize all these tips:

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