Dog coat

Illustration : "Le manteau pour chien"

some dogs are more vulnerable to winter climatic conditions than others. They are naturally less susceptible to cold and weather, so they must wear warm and dry clothes when walking. What are the selection criteria?

because it is impossible not to let animals go out in winter, you must put on a coat to ensure that its body is not affected by cold and humidity. On the other hand, the right choice of model is not always obvious. There are some criteria to consider when choosing a coat for his dog. Let’s take a look.

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not all dogs are equal in cold and rain. Some types of dogs, especially Shepherds (German shepherds, Australian shepherds, Caucasian shepherds, border shepherds), hunting dogs (French shepherds, English setters, English shepherds, etc.), shepherds (beaucron, Rottweiler, bernois shepherds) and primitive dogs (Shiba Inu, Akita INU, saarlos wolf dog, czechoslovak wolf dog, Siberian Husky, Samoyed…) can well endure the severe cold in winter (as long as there is a good outdoor shelter). It is more difficult for others to restrain their groans when Mercury and raindrops fall for the first time. “KDSPE”“KDSPS” “”“ They are often called indoor dogs and recreational dogs. Most of them are very small. Although a thick and well supplied dress is suitable for some people, it plays more aesthetic functions than real protective functions – by the way, this is the result of breed development. Uahua, Yorkshire Terrier, pebble, Greyhound and Whippet may need a dress to help them cope with low temperature and weather while walking. The same is true for dogs, sick dogs and the elderly, who are obviously more fragile than others. Although young dogs usually stay with their mothers and only venture out after a period of time, old or sick animals need waterproof coats.

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What is the standard of choice? The coat must be able to withstand cold and rain: a wool coat is not enough. On the contrary, once it gets wet, it may even be harmful to the dog’s health. Of course, the coat must be warm, but it must also be waterproof. A padded polar protector Therefore, mperis is a good solution. The coat must first protect the abdomen: it is the part of the body most exposed to cold and wet soil (after the legs, of course) Especially when it snows. So the belly should be covered like the back of a dog. It should be adjusted to its size: it’s too tight, and the coat may hinder the dog’s movement. It’s too wide, it can’t effectively protect the dog, and it will let a lot of air into it. Therefore, the ideal situation is to try R animal models or, where appropriate, measurements were performed before model selection.

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