The rescuers saw a wild animal with strangely large fur, they did not expect such a discovery under this pile of hair!

When it was discovered, Hamish was in such a sorry state that you could hardly tell which animal it was. Neglected and abandoned, however, the dog was able to start a whole new life.

The animal service of the city of San Antonio , in the state of Texas, had been contacted about a dog to be rescued on the side of a road. When the officers attended and found the animal in question, they found it hard to believe what they were seeing.

They were dealing with a bundle of matted and dirty hair , under which it was very difficult to make out the dog. He was transported to the San Antonio Animal Care Services shelter , where he had to be put to sleep before his coat was cut. Nearly 3 kg of hair was finally removed from the quadruped, reports The Dodo . This is how we could understand that it was an English Cocker Spaniel , whose age was estimated at 8 years.

The canine, who was named Hamish , was taken to the vet . He had very long claws , was malnourished, and his teeth were in very poor condition . The vets had to operate on him to remove a large part of his teeth; in the end, it only had 11 out of 42 teeth left.

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Rebecca Payne welcomed him into her home, helping him regain his health, gain weight and regain confidence and serenity. He became friends with another dog she was caring for, while they waited for each of them to be ready for adoption .


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