Left dying on the public highway, this very sick dog is miraculously reborn

When we see the state in which the bitch was at the time of her rescue and her evolution in 2 weeks, it is difficult to believe that it is the same animal. And yet, it is. Credit goes to the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

Lying on her side in the middle of the street, skeletal and sick , all this bitch could do was open her eyes and wag her tail as her rescuers approached. Her attitude even gave the impression that she understood that these people had come to help her , because one can imagine the effort it was for her to move those few considerably weakened muscles.

The volunteers of Animal Aid Unlimited , an association based in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan (north-west of India), therefore arrived on the scene. One of them carefully carried the dog and dropped her into the ambulance to take her to the organization’s shelter , where she was seen by vets . According to The Dodo , they discovered that she was suffering from distemper , a viral infectious disease that is very contagious and that it is difficult, if not impossible to treat. Associated with undernutrition and hip injuries proving that she could not walk for several days, it made her condition particularly critical .

Put on antibiotics and intravenous , and thanks to the love and attention she received at the shelter, the dog has seen her health improve dramatically . The people of the association themselves did not expect such a rapid development. She started walking again and within 2 weeks she was pretty much recovered . An incredible transformation – we can even speak of resurrection – to discover in the video below, published by Animal Aid Unlimited on the YouTube platform.

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