A maintenance worker stops traffic in a motorway tunnel to help a stray kitten stranded in the middle of the road

Spotted thanks to the road traffic monitoring device, a kitten who risked his life at any time near vehicles moving at full speed, was rescued at the last minute. One of the agents who took part in the rescue got attached to the little feline. He made the noblest of decisions.

A few days ago, an endangered young cat was barely rescued while on a busy road lane in Sydney , Australia, as reported by 9 News .

It was 10 p.m. that night. Among the officers in charge of scrutinizing the screens retransmitting images of the M5 motorway , one of them noticed a small figure trapped at the edge of the road, against the concrete guardrail, inside the building. ‘a tunnel . It was a kitten .

He was in danger of being knocked down at any time. Vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles, were moving quickly near him, and it paralyzed him . The poor animal seemed totally lost, giving the impression of not understanding either how he got there, or how he was going to get out of it.

The road traffic control center immediately informed the intervention team, according to Peter Redwin , director of maintenance and operations for the company Westconnex , which manages the motorway.

Christian Duffy is one of the 3 men making up the unit in question. They quickly got there, but the kitten managed to escape them every time they tried to get close. Eventually, after multiple attempts, they managed to catch up with the young feline and bring him to safety .

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Christian Duffy nicknamed him Lucky East , which could be translated as “ the lucky one from the East ”. He fell in love with the kitten, to the point that he decided to adopt it . He and his partner had been considering having a pet for some time. Their wish was granted, and in a very beautiful way.


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