The dog-sitter gets the wrong address when bringing a dog to her client’s house, she finds it a few days later thanks to video surveillance

Due to the mistake made by a New York dog walker, Stella was locked up for 4 days in a neighbor’s apartment without food or water. The owner of the dog believed it was stolen.

A woman found her dog 4 days after her disappearance, believing it had been stolen from her. The animal was, in fact, in the next apartment, as reported by the New York Post this Wednesday, July 7.

Autumn Brewer / Instagram

When the outing was over, the walker got the wrong address. Instead of accompanying the dog to Dr Brewer’s apartment, she brought her into the neighbors’ apartment, who were on vacation at the time. The key opens the entrance doors to the 2 apartments. Sarah didn’t know it, but she had just locked Stella up for the next 4 days.

The Aussie’s mistress didn’t know where the Aussie had gone. She was sure someone had taken her. The anguish only mounted as the days passed.

Autumn Brewer / Instagram

Retrieved from CCTV images

It was only by obtaining permission to view the home’s CCTV recordings that she was able to find her dog. The footage showed the dog-walker somewhat distracted as she brought Stella home, leading her to the wrong apartment.

As soon as she saw this, Autumn Brewer ran to get the janitor to open the door to the apartment in question and free the dog. Moved to tears, the obstetrician then took Stella to the vet for a full check-up. Despite the 4 days of confinement, as well as the deprivation of food and water, she was doing relatively well.

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Autumn Brewer / Instagram


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