To celebrate their wedding with their dog suffering from cancer, this couple does not hesitate to bring it forward by three months!

It must have been the happiest day of their lives, and it did, but without some emotion. A couple got married in February, while their wedding was set for May. But the date was brought forward due to the serious illness suffered by the family dog. A canine that has only a few months to live, at best.

Estelle and Danny were impatiently awaiting this May 4, 2019. The couple, together for 4 years, had to live the happiest day of their life in the heart of spring. But they brought their union forward by more than 3 months. Thus, it was in February that it took place. At issue: the health of their dog , Bruce . The two thirty-year-olds thus passed their preparations after the numerous examinations of their animal, which led to enormous sadness.

A first successful operation

Let’s go back in time. In early December, Bruce was taken to the veterinary hospital . His owners are worried about his white gums and his tongue turned blue . He was first diagnosed with pleural effusion . An urgent situation well controlled by the veterinarians, who manage to evacuate the liquid accumulated in the lungs. However, this is only the beginning of the problems …

A new analysis puts a name on the evil that is eating Bruce from the inside out : cancer . A first operation would be able to determine the stage and the degree of aggressiveness of the tumor. A risky operation, with no certainty that Bruce will survive it. “ I was told to say goodbye to him ,” recalls Estelle , in remarks granted to Unilad. He survived the operation which lasted 7 hours . A first short-lived relief. Health professionals had to remove ribs from her in addition to her cancerous mass. And ten days later, another blow of the club.

Maximum 6 months to live, more likely 4

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“Bruce is my 4-legged child, I love him like a human being. This is my world, ”says Estelle , who could not immortalize her marriage without her most faithful companion . “ Yes, it was important to have it on my photos. Our families get it, because they are also dog-loving and know how much Bruce means to us. »Thus, we find Bruce posing proudly on the pictures of this unforgettable moment. A Bruce still in good health, well dressed, even if Estelle knows that the hardest part is yet to come. In the meantime, she hopes to be able to leave, as every year, for Cornwall with her husband and her dog.


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