Trapped in forest fire, dog miraculously reappears alive on TV

A forest fire ravaged the home of a family who thought they had lost their dog there. This one survived and luckily the information reached its owners.

Max is a Husky barely a year old. He lived in a house with a loving family. Max and the 2 little girls of the family are very close, they adore each other. Parents love him just as much. He was a very fulfilled dog , until one day when a forest fire turned their lives upside down.

The Yeager family was surprised by the fire on November 8. Michel Yeager ran to get his daughters. The oldest was at school, the youngest at her father’s. Max had stayed at home. Yeager and the girls went to get him, but the dog was nowhere to be found. He used to hide on the porch when scared, Yeager tells Dodo . But this time, he wasn’t there and time was running out. The flames were approaching very quickly.

Two days later, the family was informed that the fires had destroyed the house. Saddened by the news, they also thought they had lost their dog .

Despite their friend’s low chances of survival, the Yeagers persisted in their search. All the videos on the net were being watched in the hope of seeing Max . Miraculously, one of them spoke of a dog saved from the flames and named Max .

At first glance, the dog looked nothing like their companion. The animal had dark, short hair, unlike their Husky. Jeff , Michel Yeager’s husband, learned from the video that the dog in question was found in Stratton’s Market in Sawmill , which is near their old home. They then contacted the media which disseminated this information and asked them by what means the name of the dog had been brought to their attention.

After recognizing the necklace described to them, the Yeagers realized that it was indeed their Max , and they ran to meet him.

The poor animal was unrecognizable , sore, but quite happy to be reunited with his family . The younger would have recognized him among a thousand despite his burns.

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Max is currently on the mend and the vets are very confident. His family is impatiently awaiting his return.


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