Remove dog hair from tissue

Illustration : "Retirer les poils de chien sur les tissus"

at home, dog hair has this unfortunate tendency and will be embedded in the tissue. Because of their number and spread, it is sometimes difficult to remove them. This is how to get rid of it.


why is the dog’s hair so ugly? Brush dog hair as a preventive measure to remove dog hair on the extended surface, remove dog hair on small fabrics on furniture or easy to dry materials on leather clothing, remove dog hair on fabrics: D

system we all like our dogs for many reasons, Especially because they have beautiful clothes, we like to maintain and brush. However, it is these hairs that cause problems everywhere, especially on our indoor fabric elements: tapestries, curtains, furniture, clothes, car seats… These hairs are embedded and therefore difficult to remove. Some simple techniques can let you finish it effortlessly without destroying it. These solutions are usually off the shelf, in cleaning or cooking products.

why is dog hair so troublesome? The hair of

dogs is scattered on the fabric, which is a troublesome problem, first because they are atheistic, but most importantly, because it involves health risks.

in terms of hygiene and health, the existence of these hair is problematic, Even dogs are very clean and regularly maintained. This is especially true for people who are allergic to these hairs.

on the other hand, when the dog’s hair is embedded in the tissue, it cannot be washed directly by hand or machine before removing the hair. If dog owners deal with this problem almost all year round, especially in the process of molting, it will become bigger. In some cases, hair will lose a lot, so you need to brush your teeth many times.

brushing to prevent

brushing is one of the basic hygiene measures when raising a dog. It is recommended to brush your teeth at least once a week, but the frequency depends on two things: the nature of the dog’s hair (density, length, whether there is undercoat…) and whether it has undergone molting. Most dogs occur twice a year. However, some people molt only once, while others experience continuous molting, but the amount of hair loss is moderate.

regular brushing can restore dead hair, which can not be found in the tissue.

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extended surface. If, despite all precautions, your dog’s hair has invaded your carpet, carpet or sofa, you can still effectively remove it by using your old vacuum cleaner.

This is indeed the best solution for working with extended cloth surfaces. Therefore, it is only necessary to fix the brush on the tip of the vacuum cleaner and remove the hair on the surface through the equipment. Ideally, an electrostatic brush should be used.

to remove dog hair on small surface tissues.

vacuum cleaner is an effective method to remove dog hair, but it cannot be used on small surfaces. In other words, clothes, seats (including seats in the car), etc. “Kdspe

here, you need to turn to the glue brush. It can be seen everywhere in business. It consists of a small sleeve and a reel covered with an adhesive surface. When you put the brush on a jacket or chair, it captures hair. For example,

However, it cannot be used for wool clothing.

is used for furniture or suede clothing.

suede, also known as Sweden, is one of the most complex textiles. The delicacy of this leather makes it difficult to clean.


exist not only in shoes, but also in bags, tapestries and furniture. If your dog’s hair falls off, you can pull it out with a brush specially designed for suede care. Crepe brush (crepe brush) has nylon and brass hair, which can capture hair without wearing the treated leather.

is on a material that is easy to dry.

if your dog’s hair appears on the surface and is easy to dry, you just need to wear a simple wet towel. Or even better, a wet microfiber cloth.

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another idea is to soak the cloth in water mixed with vinegar (because a cup of vinegar is in 1 liter of water). In addition to removing hair, this will help clean the surface and restore its color luster.

removes dog hair from tissue: D

system, an old adhesive, can also do this; Put it on the brush, smear it on furniture or carpet to remove dog hair.

another technique: wash clothes with soft wipes, even used ones. Hair sticks easily to it.

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