A stray cat and her kittens take up residence in a bird’s nest, an association comes to their aid

When they learned that a family of cats needed to be rescued, the volunteers had no expectation of finding them in a bird’s nest. They were also surprised by the attitude of the father.

A cat, a cat and their 3 kittens were rescued by an association after their discovery on an industrial site in Amersham , in the county of Buckinghamshire (south-east of England), reports the Daily Mail . Most surprisingly, it is the place chosen by the feline family to live: a bird’s nest perched on top of a tree.


It was the Cats Protection team , a local association, which intervened. Ruth Goller, a volunteer with the organization, visited the scene and has, alas, found a 4 th kitten died. She then saw her mother, but it took her almost a week to gain her and the male’s trust to locate their offspring. After following the pair of cats, she was finally able to see their 3 kittens in the nest.


They were all taken care of, taken to the vet and placed with a foster family. They were given the names of bird species: Oriole for the cat, Willet (semipalmated knight) for the male, as well as Bran (fascinated flycatcher), Jay (jay) and Lori for the kittens.


They are a lovely family, ” says Ruth Goller , who adds that Willet behaves like a real father to the little ones. It also happens to groom them. This behavior is rare enough to be reported; as a rule, the parents do not stay with the kittens. Kathryn Graves , secretary of Cats Protection , even says “ never seen that ”.

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Cats Protection / SWNS.com

She also indicates that Willet and Oriole are very attached to each other. The association hopes to be able to get them adopted together.


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