Dog saves rare syndrome owner from drowning

Suffering from a rare and incurable disease, the mistress of a German Shepherd had lost consciousness and almost drowned. The dog’s intervention saved his life.

Chloe Bircher , 30, lives in Chellaston , a village on the outskirts of Derby in England. Seven years ago, she learned that she suffered from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome , a rare genetic disorder characterized by the body’s insufficient creation of collagen.

Because of this, the skin becomes hyperelastic and is marked with large scars. The joints are also affected. In this young woman, the syndrome gives rise to terrible muscle and joint pain.

Fortunately, her dog Azan is there to bring her comfort when her health is at its worst. He even saved her life, as the Mirror reports.

That day, Chloe Bircher was having her bath. The pains that assailed her were so intense that she eventually passed out and slowly slipped under the water. A fatal drowning awaited her, but the German Shepherd, who was only 6 months old at the time, had taken action.

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To cope better with her illness, she practices sports, particularly Pilates. The British association Ehlers-Danlos UK recommends it. Chloe Bircher also plans to take a long walk in solidarity to raise funds for the benefit of the organization. Azan will, of course, be by his side.


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