Separated for 8 months, the reunion between this mother and her 2 dogs is fierce!

Military, the owner of this Siberian Husky dog had to be separated for 8 long months. On his return, the reunion was of rare intensity.

Bauer has lived with his adopted mother from a young age. He is extremely attached to her and very badly endures the moments when he is deprived of her presence. However, because she serves in the American armed forces , Taryn Dennison must be absent regularly.

A heartbreaking for both the young woman and the dog , which her mistress describes to The Dodo as being different from the other representatives of her breed, the Siberian Husky in this case. “ Bauer is not your typical Husky, he rarely barks or howls ,” she says of him. She adds that he loves to sleep , is very cuddly and always tries to make him throw his toys so that he runs to get them.

When she recently learned that she had to be deployed again, she knew that the 8 months of separation would be difficult for her and for Bauer . Luckily, his roommate and her dog , Macie , helped him deal with his absence better, but he clearly missed her.

Taryn Dennison says in particular that, during her deployment, she was able to have Bauer on video conference several times, but that each time, the dog would start looking desperately in the apartment, until falling asleep in front of the door. from his room.

The 8 months passed and the soldier finally came home . As the video below shows, the reunion with Bauer resulted in some genuine outpouring of joy .

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Needless to say that, over the following days, Bauer did not leave his adoptive mother with a sole …


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