Olympic cyclist uses pair of headphones to bring lost dog home (Video)

In England, a top cyclist discovered a lost dog while training. Unable to carry it, he took it to its owner’s house, improvising a leash from his headphones.

On Monday 23 November, Owain Doull , a 27-year-old Welsh professional cyclist , was training on the roads of Derbyshire when he saw a dog who appeared to be lost .

The animal was clearly not a stray , not least because it wore a collar . Moreover, it is by looking at it more closely that the native of Cardiff realized that the contact details of his owner were there. Thus having the master’s address, the athlete decided to bring the canine back there, but the latter had no leash and could not carry it.

Owain Doull quickly found the solution ; he used his earphone cord as a leash. He attached the end of it to the dog’s collar and held the audio accessory by the ear cups, pedaling to the indicated home, as reported by Fox News .

The cyclist filmed the scene and posted the video on Twitter , explaining that the quadruped, who goes by Bolt’s name, was back home safe and sound .

A post retweeted shortly after by the dog’s owner , James Harvey , who thanked him for his gesture. “ Thanks Owain. Bolt is exhausted, but delighted to have met a new friend, ”we can actually read in his post, including a photo of the pooch lying quietly.

Owain Doull is known in the cycling world. He was Olympic team pursuit champion in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and three-time European team pursuit champion (2013, 2004 and 2015), among other major titles.


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