A man threatens the owner of a French Bulldog with his gun to steal his dog

Johnny Matos / Facebook

A reward of 3500 dollars is promised for any information to find Bugsy, a dog stolen by an armed individual 2 weeks ago. The kidnapper and his accomplice are actively sought by the police.”

At the end of February, 2 of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs had been stolen at gun point, and their walker wounded by bullets, in Los Angeles. Dogs that have, fortunately, been found and handed over to the artist’s entourage.”

More recently, a similar attack took place not in California, but in Florida. A dog belonging to the same breed and called Bugsy has not been found since March 25, reports the Daily Mail.

That evening, around 9 p.m. local time, his owner Johnny Matos was walking him not far from his home in Orange County when a car driven by a woman stopped at their height.”

” They devastated this family

A man came down brandishing a gun, threatening to shoot Johnny Matos if he did not give him his dog. The assailant grabbed the French Bulldog before getting back into the vehicle, which restarted on a high note.”

This is really a difficult time. They devastated this family with what they did,” Bugsy’s master told WFTV. We are struggling not to lose hope. But the longer it lasts, the more it wears us out,” he continues.

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The police try to identify and locate the kidnappers in order to recover the dog safe and sound and return it to its owner as soon as possible. The authorities promise a reward of 1000 dollars (840 euros) for any information to find the animal. The one promised by Johnny Matos amounts to 2500 dollars (2100 euros).”

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