Dog does everything to retrieve his friend who fell in the pool (video)

Chuck the dog fell into the pool when his owners were away from home, but he wasn’t quite alone. His fellow creature flew to his aid and, after a long effort, managed to get him out of the water.

Jessieloves Chuck, ” their owner Byron Thanarayen tells The Dodo . The first is a female American Staffordshire Terrier, while Chuck is a much smaller dog than her.

The bitch proved her attachment to her fellow dog in the most beautiful way on April 9th. That day, she saved his life, as shown in the video below posted by their master on Facebook .

These are CCTV footage recorded by one of the security cameras at their home in Kempton Park , South Africa.

We first see Chuck walking by the pool looking away, not realizing that he was approaching the edge dangerously. He ended up slipping and falling into the water. In a panic, he tried several times to get out of the pool, but was unable to do so.

Her friend was there to help her

Jessie arrived shortly after. Seeing her friend in distress, she started to follow him around the pool. 34 minutes later, she finally found the right approach. After several attempts, she managed to lift him out of the water.

Exhausted but relieved, Chuck moved away from the pool, closely accompanied by his rescuer who was celebrating him.

On their way home, Byron Thanarayen and his wife couldn’t understand why Chuck was so drenched. It was by viewing these images that they were able to obtain the explanation and realize the heroism of Jessie .

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The man said it was the first time one of the family’s dogs had fallen into the pool. The couple decided to put a tarp there to prevent this from happening again.


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