Hearing loss in dogs

Illustration : "La perte d'audition chez le chien"

dogs may have partial or complete deafness for various reasons, affecting one or both ears. In most cases, prevention and treatment are possible.


detects hearing loss in dogs for various reasons… In adult

, the hearing ability of dogs is significantly higher than that of humans. In fact, our four legged friends can sense sounds from 67 Hz (bass) to 45000 Hz (treble), while humans can only hear sounds between 20 and 20000 Hz.


are together with smell, so hearing is one of the most developed senses in dogs. It is crucial for him to maintain its ability, because many actions depend on it every day. By regularly checking and cleaning your ears to prevent possible diseases, you can reduce the risk of hearing loss. There are also some treatment measures, which will be better if they are quickly applied after early detection. The hearing loss of

dogs with various causes of

can be partial, complete, unilateral (affecting one ear) or bilateral The cause of dysfunction may be congenital, disease or aging. Therefore, a puppy may be born partially or completely deaf. It may also be born and grow with correct hearing abilities, but these abilities will decline over time. Some breeds show a tendency to be deaf. Bull Terrier, Argentine dog, Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian dog For example, it is estimated that 5% of Dalmatians have bilateral deafness and 15% have unilateral deafness. Chronic otitis media is one of the diseases leading to hearing loss, which can be treated by drug treatment or surgery Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about testing dogs for hearing loss…

In most cases, hearing loss in puppies is hereditary. It can be found quickly, but it can not be found within 3 weeks, because puppies do not clearly perceive all sounds until this age. After this time, you can evaluate your hearing ability by observing your response to sound stimuli, such as patting your hand or waving a key when you look around. In addition to your attitude when you hear these sounds, it is also interesting to observe the activity of your ears. “KDSPE”“KDSPS” “”“ Finally, his behavior towards his mother and other cubs provides as many clues to his hearing: if he continues to bite them regardless of their cries, it may mean that he can’t hear them. To have a clean heart, you must turn to a veterinarian. -CI may then recommend hearing and neurological tests for puppies to determine whether they are deaf.

… In adults,

When hearing loss is caused by disease or aging, adult or elderly dogs may show it in different ways. Sometimes, partial or total deafness can be found only by observing the dog’s attitude and reaction under different conditions.

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. You can record its response to calls and commands. If it obeys only after seeing its owner, you can understand the owner’s expectations for it.

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