This young Tunisian voluntarily makes carts for disabled animals

Solicited by the owner of a kitten born with a malformation of the hind legs, Ahmed Manai made a small cart with the means at his disposal to allow the young feline to move around despite his handicap. Other animals then took advantage of his creativity by receiving prostheses made from scavenged materials.

An electrician by training, Ahmed Manai is also interested in cinema , since he makes animated films, and in the design of robots . The 23-year-old enjoys making all kinds of things using what he finds around him.

So when a woman by the name of Salma Wertani asked if he could do anything for her disabled kitten , he immediately agreed and got to work. The little feline was indeed born with a malformation of the rear legs , which seriously limited its mobility. Ahmed Manai had the idea of building a cart adapted to his morphology. A structure equipped with wheels and straps thanks to which the kitten can now move freely and run .

His action has been widely praised in Tunisia and elsewhere in the world thanks to the many photos sharing of his creations on social networks . Because the kitten mentioned above is not the only animal to have benefited from his inventiveness. Another young cat was given an improvised cart, which included a piece of a plastic bottle. A dog with the same disability was also fitted with a pair of wheels.

Ahmed Manai even came to the aid of an injured stork by fitting it with splints that he himself imagined.

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