A decade later, a family and their dog finally meet again!

A couple from Texas lost their 2 dogs in 2009. One of them was found a year later. But the second remained mysteriously ghostly. Years passed and Laila was finally taken in by a woman, who had discovered her in a field. In February, its original owners received tremendous news!

Shortly after the disappearance of her 2 dogs, in 2009, Sophia Hanson had found the trace of Blake , the male of the family. She and her husband had met him again, by chance, on an online site . It was on sale for $ 500 . But, a year after being robbed , Blake was back at the couple’s home in San Antonio , Texas . Still, Laila , the female Pitbull, was nowhere to be found. The years passed and the Hansons imagined the worst for their dog, more than ever lost.

Year after year, they never gave up . Sophia has visited the local shelters on numerous occasions. Without success. But where was this Laila ? Janice Rackley had the answer. This woman crossed, again by the greatest of luck, the road of the bitch in 2018. She was all alone in the middle of a field, and in a rather worrying state . She definitely needed help . Janice was willing to bring it to him.

A rescue shortly before the New Year

Shortly before the end of December, Janice decided to take action . It was for the survival of Laila , who would not have withstood the freezing cold. “ I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder to lead her to my car. Laila , calmly Olympian, did not flinch.

Still, throughout the month of January , Laila seemed elsewhere. As in his thoughts . She dared not venture outside . She knew how to obey orders , too, like sitting down, lying down . So Janice decided to go see a vet to see if she had a microchip . The latter, very active after 10 years in the unknown, led Janice to Sophia’s house.

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She jumped in her car to find her bitch

The latter recounts this overwhelming news : “ We had just walked around the house, and we were turning off the lights. Just before this action, my husband received a call and asked to repeat the information. »Immediately, Sophia jumped into the car to cover the thirty kilometers in order to find her lifelong dog . Laila remembered everything . Including his nickname: Scooby Doo .

Laila has therefore returned to her home. Although on the defensive of Blake and another dog, she gradually relearns to live like in another time. Its owners still do not believe it!


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