The meticulous care of a Chihuahua puppy covered with cactus thorns

A puppy has been found in a disturbing condition in Arizona, United States. A string of thorns covered her tiny body. Fortunately, he was taken care of by the Arizona Humane Society (AHS).

Charlie found himself in a difficult situation. The 5 month old Chihuahua roamed the state of Arizona with a very special coat on his back: a myriad of thorns covered his eyes, mouth and paws. The culprit was none other than a cactus.

No one knows how the canine got injured. Anyway, his last encounter with a cactus turned out to be very unpleasant … After this mishap, Charlie was picked up by volunteers from a local shelter on July 22. It was then handed over to the benevolent hands of members of the Arizona Humane Society, People reports.

© Arizona Humane Society

The puppy can be adopted

Shortly after his arrival, the two-kilo puppy was given the rigorous care of his benefactors. They removed all the needles stuck in the dog’s body. A delicate and long procedure, but one which made it possible to free him from this burden. In addition to causing pain, the thorns could have caused infection, if they had been left.

After the procedure was successfully completed, Charlie was kept under observation for several days. As he was in good health, he was placed in foster care in order to fully recover from his ordeal.

After being saved, the survivor with the black and white coat will be able to start a new chapter in his life. His saviors are currently looking for a family ready to adopt him and love him forever.

© Arizona Humane Society

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In 2017, a dog was rushed to a veterinarian in New Hampshire, United States. After getting lost, the canine came face to face with a porcupine. Following an altercation with the wild animal, the dog found himself covered with thorns. The healer who took care of him spent 4 hours removing them one by one.


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