Osteoarthritis in dogs

Illustration : "L'arthrose chez le chien"

osteoarthritis is an irreversible process related to age or heredity. In some cases, it will make dogs suffer and change their movement. However, it can be alleviated in many ways.


what is osteoarthritis? Diagnosis and treatment of primary osteoarthritis secondary osteoarthritis

aging and genetic susceptibility can promote the development of osteoarthritis in dogs and humans. When the disease appears and develops, it will prevent the normal activities of animals.

if osteoarthritis does not heal, the process of cartilage degeneration cannot be reversed, It is possible to alleviate the affected dogs and restore considerable activity. What is osteoarthritis? What kind of people are they? How to diagnose and treat animals? What is


osteoarthritis refers to the gradual degeneration of articular cartilage covering the joint bone tissue. This kind of cartilage can absorb impact and protect joints. Once destroyed, it can no longer play a protective role, which will bring painful feelings to the affected animals. Pain is not the only direct consequence of osteoarthritis: affected dogs also lose some mobility. His gait became difficult and irregular. Some of these movements even become impossible.

over time, osteoarthritis will also lead to abnormal joint bone formation and loss of flexibility. In addition, due to pain, the dog’s activity is reduced, resulting in partial muscle atrophy.

osteoarthritis mainly affects the joints supporting the animal’s body, i.e. shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. There are two types of osteoarthritis in dogs: primary osteoarthritis and secondary osteoarthritis.

primary osteoarthritis

primary osteoarthritis refers to osteoarthritis in elderly dogs. Over the years, the wear of articular cartilage has not recovered quickly. Therefore, the latter gradually disappears, and the joint no longer has this natural shock absorber. Joints are no longer so easy to slide, and cold exercise (when waking up) is difficult and painful.

generally speaking, several joints suffer at the same time.

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secondary osteoarthritis is another kind of osteoarthritis related to joint dysfunction. This may be the result of deformities, such as hip dysplasia. Large dog breeds include Rottweiler, German shepherd, golden retriever, Labrador Retriever, Berne shepherd and Pyrenees… Secondary osteoarthritis of


may also be the cause of trauma. Fractures or dislocations can cause this. Dogs like Yorkshire terrier and Jack Russell are prone to patellar subluxation. This bone ensures the stability of the knee, moves and causes lameness; Over time, joint injury and osteoarthritis develop.

diagnosis and treatment of

is just like the declarationFor osteoarthritis, clinical examination may also cause pain to dogs, because joints must be treated before diagnosis. These procedures are supplemented by X-rays, which can assess the degree of disease.

once diagnosed, the veterinarian will implement the most appropriate treatment. This helps to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis, but not its origin, because the damage is irreversible. It can simply reduce pain and, in some cases, slow down the destruction of cartilage.

experts will first recommend adjusting the dog’s movement, which must be moderate to avoid further wear on the joints (but it doesn’t inhibit it, which may weaken its muscles and make the problem worse) Today, hydrotherapy can be performed in an appropriate center to mobilize the dog’s entire muscle tissue without causing any damage to the joints. For the same purpose, he also recommends controlling overweight (if any) by monitoring the animal’s diet.

Also read: how to reduce itching in dogs? In terms of drug treatment, anti-inflammatory drugs are usually used to reduce pain and remain in times of crisis. In background treatment, there are dietary supplements rich in chondroitin and gibberellin… Which can “nourish” cartilage and cartilage UI restores flexibility and elasticity.

if it is Senile Osteoarthritis with ankylosis (joint obstruction) Finally, for subjects who may suffer from osteoarthritis due to deformity, such as Han dysplasia, corrective surgery can be performed. Cut

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