Vetixy: the free medical monitoring application for pets

Application including both the medical file, the documents relating to the pet and a map locating the veterinarians of the region, Vetixy was designed to facilitate the monitoring of his health and the improvement of his quality of life.

Adrien and Karl are the creators of the Vetixy application , which also benefits from the expertise of more than 25 years of Frédéric , veterinarian . This trio wanted to offer owners , host families and associations a solution that simplifies the medical monitoring of their pets .

They had, in fact, observed that in a good number of cases, adopters did not have the complete veterinary history of the dogs and cats that they took in. Especially when they had been abandoned or were not subject to any follow-up before their rescue. The little information concerning the antecedents of these animals, their precise age or the fact that they have been sterilized or not, does not facilitate their care.

The problem also arises for associations, which have to ensure the management of animals in their shelters: entries and exits, care, etc.

The Vetixy application has therefore been developed to meet these expectations. It centralizes all the data relating to animal health, including the complete medical file of each of them. The latter is easy to access and share , both for people who adopt, foster or care for.

Vetixy , these are also notifications issued after each important act for the health of the animal: prescription entry , treatment … It also allows to receive reminder alerts for vaccines , taken of antiparasitics , weight curve tracking, etc.

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The user of this application also has a map which locates the nearest veterinarians .

Finally, Vetixy is constantly expanding its network of partner associations , which receive financial donations to help them in the process. </p

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