Take care of his dog’s paws

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taking good care of our dog’s paws is an important stage for the maintenance and happiness of our companions. These routine treatments enable them to walk, jump and run normally. In short, in order to live a real dog life,


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warned Bobo how to treat him when he was injured?

is almost permanently in contact with the ground and moves on all kinds of surfaces from the smoothest to the most rugged. Our dog’s legs are particularly vulnerable to injury. In order to continue to give full play to their role in ensuring animal stability and activity, they must be in the best possible condition, especially on the mat. As owners, we have the responsibility to take care of our dog’s paws so that they are perfect regardless of their lifestyle.

the first precaution to prevent

from protecting dog paws is to systematically check the dog’s paws after each trip. This must be a real response. Whether they are walking in the street, in the forest, in the countryside or on the beach, regardless of the weather conditions and the terrain, they must ensure that their cushions are in good condition when they go home. It could be a pebble or a small piece of glass. Timely removal of parts can avoid complications and infection, not to mention animal pain. The gait of


dogs also needs to be carefully observed, especially after strenuous exercise: for example, check whether it begins to limp, This may be a sign of injury. If so, the dog may lick his leg if there is no obvious injury. Signs of injury can also appear minutes or even hours after injury. Therefore, you should pay close attention to animal activities after your activities. Kdspe receives suggestions from woopets by registering for my newsletter. Your email address is collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

in summer and after the beach, it is important to make sure that the dog’s legs and cushion have been washed with water, because seawater, heat and sand will damage them. It is also important to protect its legs from the cold in winter. After walking, thoroughly clean and dry the dog’s limbs to prevent frostbite and snow injury, such as vomiting. You should also consider cutting off your dog’s paws. If they are too long, the dog may just get hurt while walking or running.

how to treat the injury?

if a dog’s paw is cut, it must respond according to the severity of the wound. If the wound is light, clean the wound first, remove all debris and disinfect. Unlike alcohol (remember that dog skin is more sensitive than our skin), it is strongly recommended to disinfect with oxidized water or iodized solution.

for product applications, we prefer compression rather than cotton tampons, Because these leave particles on the wound. Once the wound is cleaned and disinfected, you can change the dressing once a day until it is completely healed.

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if the wound is deep, you should take the dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible. He has the equipment and experience to take care of patients“KDSPE”“KDSPS”“KDSIMG2”“KDSPE”

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