19 photos of a Golden Retriever whose best friends are birds and a hamster

A Golden Retriever amazes and moves thanks to its unlikely friendships with birds and a hamster. These photos illustrate their daily life.

Bob is a Golden Retriever dog who resides in Brazil with his owner. The pair do not live alone, but in the company of 8 birds and a hamster. The 11 roommates live in perfect harmony and share their daily life on social networks. To the delight of Internet users.

Here are 19 photos of Bob the Golden Retriever and his friends.

1. The whole troop is well aligned

2. Laziness is becoming more and more contagious

3. Some games are played for 2

4. The nap takes place in a symmetry that is to be applauded

5. Time for the hamster to climb on his friend Bob’s muzzle

6. The dog keeps warm with a blanket that will serve as a roof for the birds who are not so sleepy.

7. The dog who must be responsible for other animals has the right to become a baby again in the arms of its owner.

8. Here’s what he plans to get out of his hat

9. It seems that this is the hamster and 8th bird that have taken this photo

10. At night, everyone lines up again, but in a lying position

11. The hamster has a confession to make

12. This dog would like to know what’s going on up there

13. The dog is not at risk of flying away while sleeping since the birds hold it firmly to the ground.

14. Birds are everywhere on this sleeping dog

15. This looks like meditation

16. The birds work together to decide what they are going to act out for the dog.

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17. The last 2 birds are long overdue for this family portrait

18. Taking care of the hamster

19. Who never tires of playing explorers


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