Stop his dog from pulling the leash

Illustration : "Empêcher son chien de tirer en laisse"

a dog pulls too much, which will bring inconvenience. When the problem involves a big dog, going out is even more troublesome. How can he stop pulling the belt? Here are some tips that may help you.


increase the amount of walking choose one side choose a belt to give it your rhythm

walking is the basic activity of a dog, whether physically, mentally and emotionally. These are also opportunities to strengthen his relationship with his master. However, when you deal with a dog, he tends to pull his belt hard, and such a walk may become less pleasant. Especially with the passage of time, this bad habit becomes more and more deep-rooted.


will become quite depressed when you take the dog out. Sometimes you want to shorten these courses so that you won’t go home with a painful arm. However, learning to walk on a leash is a basic exercise in dog education, just like cleaning and obedience. Some simple adjustments are enough to correct this defect. Of course, it’s easier for young dogs to do this than older dogs.

increases walking.

generally speaking, a dog walks with a belt many times because something focuses his attention. It may be other dogs, animals, children or new smells. By pulling the belt, he tried to move faster towards his “goal”. In this case, it’s best to take him to a place where he can evolve without a belt, so that he can make the most of himself. “The harder


work, the less energy he has to pull the belt. By taking more walks every day, he is likely to reduce his tendency to shoot. In addition, infrequent walking can cause dogs to feel excited when walking.

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and let your gait follow some basic rules. Among these choices, you must choose the side of the dog relative to you when walking. In France, it’s usually on the left. This choice is determined by various requirements: the car runs on the right (so when the dog is on the left, they won’t face the dog), you can hold your pet’s right hand with your left hand, the two owners can cross without problem, and everyone puts the dog on the right hand. In a dog’s life, you must stick to this choice.

chooses its belt.

has a variety of belt designs. Winding device, with stop device, long rope, short rope… Selection is expanding. In order to stop the dog from shooting, it is best to use a long rope, because a short rope can encourage the dog to pull you.

imposes your

rhythm on it to learn to walk. Just like in anything, the dog must understand that you are the leader of the team. Hierarchy is very important in the dog world. It largely controls your behavior.

when the dog walks in front of you with a belt, it tries to tell you that it is dancing. However, the opposite is true. You must stick to your rules and rhythm:


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to walk at your speed and force your dog to adapt to it. Don’t accelerateInstead, slow down and vice versa. If your dog is walking in a given direction, often walk in the opposite direction during walking, suddenly stop and restart running in the same unexpected way. The dog will gradually become more sensitive to your actions. If your dog doubles you, it will try to adjust your rhythm, stop and say “no” to it, and then move it to another direction, or let it sit on the

All these exercises require time and patience to achieve results. If the first treatment doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged. hold one’s own! “Kdspe

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