15 funniest nap positions dogs offer

Our friends the dogs sometimes fall asleep in somewhat complicated positions. These photos show them in hilarious postures.

Dogs are heavy sleepers. All places and positions are fine, as long as you don’t wake them up. So much so that their owners sometimes discover them in postures that make them laugh.

Here are 15 pictures of dogs sleeping in funny positions.

1. This puppy has not yet fully understood what to do to sleep

2. He was so exhausted that he couldn’t even reach his toy.

3. A good big meal is necessarily followed by a sudden nap

4. He works his flexibility while sleeping

5. These 3 friends share the space equally

6. This is called being slumped full length

7. The sofa is reserved for dogs

8. This Husky puppy is so small he seems to be drowning on the couch

9. The sleep was the strongest, even in front of a bowl full of kibble just for him

10. This dog was playing a game whose name we do not know when sleep took him

11. These adorable puppies fall asleep anywhere, anyhow

12. They fell asleep on top of each other

13. He is resting after a long day at work

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14. A spiritual position that promotes restful sleep

15. While her mistress is reading a book, the bitch turns and turns


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