On the run for 2 days, a dog finds himself at sea and risks drowning. Volunteer rescuers intervene

Informed of the distress situation of a dog who risked drowning at sea, a team of Corsican volunteer rescuers immediately came to his aid. The animal had run away the day before and its owner had been looking for it ever since, according to the latter’s details.

The rescue of a dog was found at sea led to a happy reunion with his master, no news of him for days, reported Corsica Info Net on Sunday 1 August.

That morning, around 10 a.m., several people had seen a dog struggling in the water, in the Gulf of Propriano in Corse-du-Sud. The witnesses then alerted the emergency services; the Corsican CROSS (Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center) coordinated the intervention.

It is the SRA SNS 714 team of the SNSM association (National Society for Rescue at Sea) of Propriano who went to the scene to rescue the endangered animal.

These volunteer sea rescuers arrived in the area just in time; the quadruped was at the end of his strength and found it more and more difficult to keep his head above the water. They quickly joined him, retrieved and put him to safety aboard their boat, before applying an oxygen mask.

The dog, a Border Collie breed, was then transported to a veterinary clinic by the firefighters.

The dog had been on the run since Friday, he is doing well

The comments posted by the owner of the rescued dog under the Propriano SNSM Facebook post allow us to know a little more. The canine, which answers to the name of Max , had run away on Friday and his master was looking everywhere for him. This one ensures, moreover, that he is doing well. However, it is not known how it ended up in the waters of the Gulf.

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Jr Catha Samp / Facebook

Congratulations to the volunteer sea rescuers of the Corsican SNSM , to the CROSS of the Isle of Beauty and to the firefighters for this operation organized and executed to perfection.


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