An association travels more than 2,000 kilometers to try to remove dozens of Chihuahuas cloistered in an overcrowded house

An Ohio-based association is preparing to welcome dozens of dogs who lived in deplorable conditions in Texas. A long journey awaits the volunteers and the animals, all of whom are Chihuahuas.

Recently, authorities in El Paso , Texas, made a shocking discovery at a local property. About a hundred Chihuahuas lived there, almost crowded together, in very difficult conditions. It is not specified whether it is an illegal breeding or a case of Noah syndrome. The first track seems most likely, the dogs all belonging to the same breed.

Among the associations that have offered to help in this case, the Humane Association of Warren County is willing to take care of 50 to 60 of these canines. Unfortunately, several of them did not survive, deplores Joanne Hurley, who heads this organization based in Lebanon, Ohio.

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The Humane Association of Warren County is collaborating with other structures for the preparation and implementation of the long journey that its volunteers are about to take, as reported by FOX 19 this Sunday, May 2. 2500 kilometers separate, in fact, the 2 cities.

A journey that cannot be made by plane, because the state of health of most dogs would not allow it. It is therefore by land that the Chihuahuas will very soon reach the Lebanon refuge from the southern United States.

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“No one can do this alone. We have to rely on each other ”

Joanne Hurley stresses the importance of collaboration and mutual aid between organizations in this kind of operation, which would be impossible to achieve otherwise. “No one can do this alone. We have to rely on each other to help us in these situations, ”she said.

Upon arrival in Ohio, dogs will be examined by vets and treated. They will then be offered for adoption. Support that represents a huge cost for the Humane Association of Warren County , which has appealed for donations to help them cope. “When we bring these dogs back here, there will be medical treatment, testing. They will have to be prepared for adoption. So any help is always very much appreciated, ”concludes the director of the association.

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