These 16 touching photos prove the bond between humans and animals is stronger than anything

Pets have an unwavering bond with their owners. As can be seen in these photos.

The bonds that bind a human to their pet are often very strong and unique. Indeed, some dogs and cats are so linked to their humans that it commands respect. One can also meet this kind of touching relationship between a human and a rodent.

Here are 16 photos illustrating the exceptional relationships that can exist between humans and their animals.

1. A black and white portrait illustrating a moment full of emotion between a man and his cat

2. Every night, this man sleeps with his rodent friend

3. This Boxer watches over the sleep of the newborn

4. A man and his dog, Great Dane, whom he has cherished for years

5. Every morning, this child has trouble going to school without leaving his cat

6. 2 old friends who wouldn’t leave each other for the world

7. This man’s best friend is his dog.

8. 2 before / after photos to illustrate the journey of a puppy and its owner

9. 2 accomplices who understand each other in no time

10. A tender friendship is being born between this little girl and this kitten.

11. Sleep comes more easily when they are together

12. This cat has no problem getting into the car as long as he can put himself in his favorite seat.

13. Here is a very attentive owner in these hot weather

14. The little girl fell in love with this litter of newly adopted puppies.

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15. This man has everything he treasures the most in the world against him

16. This dog has just been adopted from a shelter and he seems extremely upset.


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