Advantages and disadvantages of natural trimming

Illustration : "Les avantages et inconvénients du Natural Rearing"

natural rearing provides dogs with a diet based on raw meat and bones. It is also in line with a life philosophy applicable to animals, so that animal instincts can be fully expressed. Kdspe


natural pruning: raw meat food and dog’s natural lifestyle advantages of natural pruning: Disadvantages

People have different views on the alternative diet of dogs, because there are almost as many arguments for them as against them. Natural pruning is a part of it.

natural pruning: raw meat food and the natural lifestyle of dogs

Juliette de bairacli levy (1912-2009) put forward the concept of natural pruning. As a British herbalist, she devoted her life to developing her knowledge of alternative care methods, especially through plants. She also emphasized the natural lifestyle she advocated. In addition to the aspects related to diet, natural pruning also includes other aspects: physical exercise, outdoor activities, natural care (herbs, etc.), sunbathing, etc.

about dog food, Juliette de bairacli levy advocates through natural pruning, Like meat and fleshy raw bones. A diet supplemented with cooked or soaked cereals (such as vegetable oil), dairy products (curd goat cheese, etc.) or eggs and herbs.


have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at each other.

benefits of natural pruning

the first advantage of this diet is that the ingredients of the food are particularly attractive to dogs. Since this animal is naturally fond of eating meat products, it is happy to eat what is in its fish tank.

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. In addition, raw meat and bones make dogs chew for a long time, which helps clean teeth. Not to mention that they are easier to digest.

natural reproduction is also considered to be a food very close to the natural needs of dogs, although people have different views on dairy products and cereals.

natural reproduction: Disadvantages

Natural pruning is considered expensive. It is mainly the price of meat that makes rations expensive.


meals also need more time and energy to prepare. Unlike Croquets that just need to be poured into a bowl, naturally trimmed food requires cutting and weighing ingredients every day.

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on the other hand, The existence of grains and dairy products has been criticized as not meeting the needs of dogs. In fact, most people who support this diet recommend using cheese made from curd goat milk instead of milk containing lactose. The same is true for whole bone injury: perforation, asphyxia…

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