Why test 100% personalized kibble for your dog?

Illustration : "Pourquoi tester les croquettes 100% personnalisées pour votre chien ?" © Tails.com

Personalized kibble for your dog, formulated according to his exact needs and preferences? Test the concept, your companion and you will be conquered!”

When it comes to nutrition, we seek to give our dogs the best for their health and well-being. There are a multitude of shapes, textures and flavors when it comes to dog food on the market, but you want to go further? Would you like your canine friend to receive food specially designed for him, in perfect harmony with his needs and preferences?”

Of course, you will still be able to prepare your dog’s meals yourself at home, but it is not easy to accurately meet his nutritional profile. What if you received at home kibble specifically formulated for your 4-legged companion, elaborated according to a unique recipe, in accordance with his needs both in terms of quality and quantity?”

This is precisely what Tails.com offers, a personalized pet food delivery service that we announced the arrival in France last year.”

A recipe for 100% custom kibble

The principle is simple: on the site, you fill in some information about your dog (breed, height, weight, age, sex, activity, food preferences …) via a questionnaire. From this information, Tails.com makes kibble adapted to the profile of your canine friend, has it validated by animal nutrition specialists, then delivers it to your home for the following month.”

With Tails.com, there is a recipe for each dog, among more than a million possible combinations. This ensures that yours has truly tailor-made kibble.”

” A high quality diet for your dog

These kibbles are not only personalized; they are also of high quality, prepared and developed with veterinarians. These are foods without artificial flavors, added preservatives, added sugars or colors.”

Pleasure and benefits assured

The kibble ordered on Tails.com having been developed according to your dog’s preferences, you are sure that he will have fun eating them and that the quantities will be in accordance with his real needs.”

Their balanced composition will contribute to the maintenance of the health and vitality of your pooch, who will adopt them for sure.”

Tails.com, there are more than 20,000 positive reviews from dog owners who have tried these personalized formulas and do not do without them anymore.”

My 2 dogs Maverick and Sophie are very happy with their kibble, they are looking forward to dinner time and feast! The service and delivery are excellent – Jean & Sophie and Maverick from Bastia

This is the best quality and value for money of food I have ever bought for my dogs and I would recommend tails.com to all dog owners – Kate & Mel and Dexter from Gurs

Medor loves his food from Tails.com and never leaves any in his dish. And it’s cheaper than its old brand of dog food, so I’m happy too! – Sarah & Medor from Frontignan-Saves

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Do the test of 100% tailor-made kibble Tails.com for your dog: Woopets offers you the opportunity to enjoy for free 18 days of trial of personalized kibble Tails.com. Only the shipping costs (2€) are at your expense. To do this, fill in your dog’s profile on the dedicated form in clicking here before the end of the month.”

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