Abandoned, this dog falls in love with an orphan foal and creates an extraordinary relationship!

Zip the dog can be proud of his little protégé and himself. He was there when Tye the colt needed comfort the most. Now, the equine has become a beautiful adult horse overflowing with confidence, thanks to his friend.

One evening in March 2019, Karla Swindle was looking after her very seriously ill mare who, 9 days earlier, had given birth to a magnificent foal called Tye . Next to her was her dog Zip , a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog. He was watching the scene and seemed agitated, preoccupied , as if he understood that something was wrong. Despite care and much effort, Tye’s mother died the next morning.

The colt had just lost his mother, but he could count on the support of Zip , who immediately became close to him, as The Dodo recounts. Despite their differences, the 2 animals became attached to each other . A friendship more than welcome for the young equine, who needed comfort more than ever.

For Karla Swindle , this beautiful relationship was a big surprise . Tye was not the first foal raised by the family, and with all those who came before him, Zip showed no sign of interest . He just watched them from a distance. But with Tye , it was completely different. Each time his mistress headed for the stable, the Australian Cattle Dog ran at full speed to get ahead of her and find his friend. For 6 weeks, they never left each other .

Tye has grown up . He was no longer the fragile colt who spent a good part of his days lying on the hay. He got a little more rowdy and Zip couldn’t keep up with his pace. While he certainly would have liked to stay this close to him, the dog seemed to understand that he just had to let Tye live his life as a horse . Of course, he does not hesitate to go and say hello from time to time in the meadow where the equine accompanies his big sister, with whom he continues his training. But the dog returns to a safe distance and proudly watches it blossom.

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Especially since Zip has found someone else to show her affection to: the recently born granddaughter of Karla Swindle.


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