Herbs for keeping dog heart

Illustration : "La phytothérapie pour entretenir le cœur du chien"

keeping dogs can reduce the owner’s risk of cardiovascular disease. That’s what science says. But what about animal heart health? As a master, what can you do to protect your dog’s heart? We can use plants. Some of them are beneficial to this organ and its whole system (arteries, veins, blood vessels, etc.). Let’s take a look at different solutions for maintaining dog heart in herbal medicine.

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dog heart: plant dog syrup valerian Hawthorn olive tree

Thanks to plants, we can cure many things in dogs. Infusion, capsules, extracts and essential oils also help to improve the cardiovascular health of our pets. The heart of

dogs: particularity and conditions. The heart health of

dogs may be affected by different factors. They may be hereditary (deformity, susceptibility), or they may be due to malnutrition, excessive physical activity, or vice versa. Continuous stress exposure can also lead to heart disease.

plants can not replace the drug treatment of cardiovascular diseases affecting dogs, but can supplement and prevent.

dog cardiovascular health friendly plant

So, what plants can be used to protect the dog’s heart? Here are some herbal solutions for our four legged friends’ heart health.

La melisse

La melisse official (Melissa official) is a perennial herb native to the eastern Mediterranean basin. Since ancient times, it has been used for therapeutic purposes, especially in the Romans and Greeks.


are molasses leaves for cardiovascular health in dogs. They contain active substances, which, among other things, have the characteristics of nerve conditioning and rhythm regulation.


syrups also have antispasmodic effects, so they are very useful when dogs vomit. It’s good for stressed animals. It helps protect their hearts.

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valerian root is a real therapeutic treasure. This sedative and anti anxiety herb can relieve stress-induced tension and heart rate acceleration.

can also be used to appease dogs frightened by violent noise such as fireworks.

finally, valerian root helps dogs sleep better. As we all know, sleep quality is closely related to heart health.


hawthorn is a polyphenol and triterpene plant, and its most significant role is to regulate the heart rate of dogs. They also protect cells from free radicals, including those from the heart. By doing so, it helps lower blood pressure.

Hawthorn can be used as a supplement for the treatment of moderate heart failure in dogs.

olive tree

olive oil is no longer olive oil, nor its advantage, let alone its unparalleled taste. But olive leaves are also good for dogs’ hearts.


are one of its interesting active ingredientsIn this field, it is possible to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. In other words, it can reduce blood lipids.


can also be read: the herbal medicine


olive leaves for the treatment of dog osteoarthritis are especially used in overweight, diabetic or hypercholesterolemic dogs to prevent the deterioration of hypertension. It does have the advantages of relaxing blood vessels (dilating blood vessels) and limiting arrhythmias

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