Saved by a kayaker on a desert island, this dog with mange thanks him for all his love (video)

While sailing along an island in his kayak, a man thought it was unoccupied, but he saw a silhouette. He was a dog who apparently hadn’t seen anyone for a very long time and was in dire need of help.

Whenever he has the chance, Fernando Monzón jumps on his kayak and sets off to explore the islands and islets of South America. It thus offers superb natural spectacles, between turquoise waters, luxuriant vegetation and superb deserted beaches.

One day, while indulging in his passion, he heard complaints from a small island he thought was unoccupied . As he approached, he realized that a dog was standing by the water’s edge and was watching him. The animal was extremely skinny and appeared to be in distress , as Go Animals recounted.

As soon as it reached the shore, the quadruped began to wag its tail . He seemed happy to finally have a visit. Fernando Monzón was determined to come to his aid and therefore had to embark him, but the canine was too afraid to board the kayak. The man ended up installing it there and hurried away from the island.

He reached the mainland coast, 4 km away, where volunteers he had contacted in the meantime were waiting for him. They took the dog to the vet , who discovered that he was not only suffering from malnutrition , but also mange .

Transferred to a shelter , the dog, named Jack , received the care and attention he desperately needed. 5 days later, Fernando Monzón came to visit him . The animal, who seemed to be doing much better, was extremely delighted to see the one who had saved him again after such a long wait and total isolation in the middle of the ocean.

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