Discover the original portrait of your pet in the body of a great sportsman!

Illustration : "Découvrez le portrait original de votre animal de compagnie dans le corps d'un grand sportif !" © Woopets

The Lyon company Animojo, known for its anthropomorphic portraits of pets like a great Renaissance master’s canvas, struck again. This time, sports fans will find something to their led to.”

Our faithful and beloved 4-legged companions often become our favorite models. Photographing your cat, dog or any other photogenic animal is not an unusual act, quite the contrary. We love to immortalize and contemplate the beauty of our best furry or feathered friends. These radiant shots can only make us smile.”

But did you know that you can have even better than images on screen?”

© Animojo

A couple of animal enthusiasts has launched an original service: the creation of personalized portraits. The goal? Combine artistic and environmental dimensions to give birth to unique works, highlighting your little star. The latter becomes the most adorable of the artist’s muses!”

© Animojo

Sportsmen in the spotlight

Notice to sports enthusiasts! This year, Animojo has enriched its catalog with new nuggets. To the portraits of aristocrats are added those of sportsmen.”

© Animojo

Whether you prefer the weight room, the tatami or the dance mat, know that there is something for everyone! Your pet can slip into the shoes of a footballer, a cyclist, a fencer, a baseball player… In short, the list is long and the result is definitely worth it.”

© Animojo

To order, nothing could be simpler:

go to the website; choose the size of the canvas and the costume; add one or 2 photos of your companion; place your order to receive your painting in a few days.

It is possible to choose options, such as receiving the file in digital format or affixing a signature.”

© Animojo

Once the masterpiece is received, you will only have to find a place of choice in your interior. Your pet has never been so sublime (and athletic!).

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© Animojo

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