Presidential election in the United States: Joe Biden returns to tradition and invests the White House accompanied by his two dogs!

Joe Biden / Instagram

Joe Biden’s victory also means the return of pets to the White House. His dogs Major and Champ will indeed tread the impeccable lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington DC, deserted by canines since the departure of Bo and Sunny.

The announcement last Saturday of the victory of his Democratic opponent Joseph R. Biden is also that of the return of the dogs to the official residence of the president, as RTL reminds us. Champ and Major , his 2 4-legged friends, will be able to have a blast at the foot of the Oval Office.

Biden renews the tradition of dogs at the White House

Former Delaware senator and vice-president of Barack Obama , the native of Scranton , Pennsylvania had promised his wife to welcome a dog into the family if his running mate won the 2008 election. He had therefore kept his promise and Champ , a German Shepherd , had arrived in stride.

At the end of 2018, another representative of the breed was added to the household. Joe Biden adopted Major from a shelter , as announced on his Instagram account. Moreover, Major will be the first dog from a reception structure to live at the White House .

Remember that before Donald Trump’s mandate, Barack Obama had been faithful to the tradition of the “presidential dog”. With his wife Michelle and their daughters Malia and Sasha , he first welcomed Bo , then Sunny , 2 Portuguese Water Dogs .

Did Joe Biden’s love for dogs contribute to his victory?

Americans love dogs, and Joe Biden’s campaign team played well on that point. Which probably allowed him to garner some precious votes.

The Democratic candidate notably declared on Instagram that “ that Champ and Major would make great First Dogs ”. His camp did not hesitate to appeal to dogs, then cats during his campaign, with spots tinged with humor on social networks.

Previously, another spot featured him as the candidate for dog lovers , showing his predecessors in the company of their canine friends. Including Republican presidents from elsewhere: Ronald Reagan and Lucky his Bouvier des Flandres , George Bush father and Millie his English Springer , as well as GW Bush and his Scottish Terrier named Barney . Bill Clinton accompanied by Buddy , Chocolate Labrador Retriever , and Barack Obama with Bo , are also visible in this video highlighting the marked contrast with Donald Trump in relation to dogs. All concluded with this punchline: “ Choose your human wisely ”.

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