She discovers her dog with her head stuck in a car tire, the police and the fire department are unable to help her!

If Jade is less inclined to do hers than the other dogs in the family, she has still found a way to put herself in a very bad position. The emergency services could not do anything for her, but her mistress eventually found the person who could help her.

Jasmine Williams lives in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) with her 4 dogs , including 2 4 month old sisters named Jade and Freya . Jade is the least blundering of the group. When the others do something stupid , she quickly runs to join her adopted mother to give her a hug and, in a way, to dissociate herself from her fellows.

One day, while the young woman was at work, her partner Rayshawn Campbell called her to tell her that there had been a small accident with Jade . As she stepped out to see her boyfriend’s vehicle, she was confronted with a sight to say the least surprising: a car wheel sat in the backseat, with Jade having her head stuck in the rim , as reported by The Dodo. .

Rayshawn Campbell explained to him that the young dog had launched in pursuit of a cat , which hid in a pile of wheels in their garden. Jade had then slipped her head in the rim of one of them to try to see the feline, but she got stuck there .

After unsuccessfully seeking help from the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the police and the fire department , the couple finally found the right address: the Blue Pearl veterinary clinic . Jasmine Williams took Jade there , who was immediately taken care of by veterinary assistant Jenny Davis . Freya accompanied her sister to reassure her.

Jenny Davis started by checking her vital signs and then gave her a sedative . After 20 minutes of effort and proceeding very delicately, she managed to extract the Jade head from the wheel. In fact, the veterinary assistant had dealt with similar cases before, so knew exactly what to do.

When Jade came to her senses and saw that she was free again, she started giving kisses to everyone in the vet clinic.

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All’s well that ends well for the little dog, who quickly regained her habits at home.


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